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FOX Business
Sep 16, 2012 1:00am EDT
the bottom line the government's confiscated the oil production in iran and et cetera. and people would have to turn against their own government to go out to the oil infrastructure. and it's not like blow up the exxon refinery in iran it was taken over already, that's the bottom line and it has to get worse to force the government-- >> jonas, tunisia it started small and start thinking of other big countries. iran is a big threat right now and if this carries over with syria, israel, iran, can you imagine gas prices at that point they will be double where they are right now. >> gary b? >> well, you know, toby is talking about a crystal ball. i don't think the crystal ball is any clearer or the side of what jonas and toby are saying, well, you know, this is just a small thing, it's lasting a couple of days. you know, right now we have flareups in the middle east and you've got to think, wow could this continue? we've got some flareups, could this continue. the i would say the odds are, it's going it continue rather than just flow over. >> and, but, yes, i understand that, but you have to tak
Sep 9, 2012 7:15am EDT
plays, et cetera. from here to eternity, the thin red line, the whistler which was challenges third novel which was published after he died, or we could go on and on, memoirs about william manchester, and you may want to ask me about some of those later, that's perfectly fine. mailers fundamental point in the naked and the dead, if you read all the under pages when something like this. he was amazed by the fact that american should never stray in the conquest and killing of the japanese. i'll be the first of the japanese showed no restraint in the capacity to kill americans. who knows the pacific war was a cordial. and the bloody place. but mailer didn't see the war as he thought absently the war was justified against him but he wasn't so sure against japan. he thought that was an exercise among americans to spread about in the pacific. you don't have to agree with that but mailer was a vet. he was at nokia sake five or six weeks after the atomic bomb was dropped. you may not like them but that was his take on the war, and think about a minute. he must've thought as he wrote it, and
Sep 13, 2012 4:00am PDT
are the ones that we say have the personality disorders, et cetera. actually, there is an amazingly good treatment programs that have been developed especially with youth that can show upwards of a 50% reduction in violent crime in kids with these traits if you put them in the right type of treatment. the state of wisconsin leads the way in this regard, by the way because they have invested heavily in these types of treatment programs. they have showed these dramatic effects. that gives me faiths that other states, california and hopefully others will adopt these very progressive and positive reinforcement model kind of treatment programs. and they have the power to reduce impulsivity and increase a little bit of empathy that allows that person when they're released to not act without thinking or to act less likely to act without thinking, and then to also potentially engage in better, general better societyal behaviors. >> you briefly mentioned mitigation and aggravation. professor, can you address the question of how you would use this information either as aggravation or mitigation in
Sep 15, 2012 3:30am PDT
-wise, et cetera. the port could insist that the initial phase be retenanting the bulkhead building. and the other advantages of the developer would shoulder the risk of its feasibility, entitlement risk, construction risk and retenanting risk. this approach would be similar to other projects done along the waterfront, including piers 1 and 1.5 to 5. the downside is looking at an overall project a developer would have to fund pier upgrades which would be expensive. and securing all of the entitlements, which would be a lengthy process. and if retenanting the bulkhead building is a primary goal, then this could happen, but only after a lengthy entitlement process. the third option, master tenant project through a competitive selection process, this option would allow a developer to make improvements necessary to achieve the goal of retenanting the bulkhead building. it would rely upon private capital and expertise, using their risk to expedite the rehabilitation of the building. staff believes this action would get the immediate goal of retenanting the bulkhead building, but would no
Sep 15, 2012 9:30am PDT
, et cetera conduct on the incident on the 31st as reflected in counts 4 and 5." i take strong issue and object very strongly to the commission making this recommendation as stated here. because that is not what the commission decided. and commissioner renne pointed out on august 16th that the counts are the same as the charges. well, the commission did not unanimously or otherwise sustain any of the mayor's counts in their totality. rather the commission decided that there was official misconduct going back to the incident on december 31 as reflected in counts 4 and 5. that is not the same thing as sustaining counts 4 and 5. the commission did not sustain or recommend to sustain count 4s and 5 and the commission did certainly not recommend to sustain the charges, which implies all of the charges. so i think at a minimum, this document should be clarified to reflect what the commission actually did and did not do. but it did not sustain the charges. certainly not as written by the mayor. and i think this document should reflect that the commission did not sustain any of the six cou
Sep 10, 2012 1:50am EDT
with dodd-frank, et cetera. >> we are interviewing you year of freedom fest in los vegas. do you find a lot of opposition to the idea? to some of the ideas in the book including the flat tax? >> i think that that is what this event is about. it's about three people and free markets and people understand what is in this book and that is the whole idea that you best serve the needs of people by the free enterprise. that's what it's about and what these people understand. the understand the entrepreneurial business. the understand the fact the you create jobs not through government but through innovation. innovation has created the most jobs. it does the government and with the automobile? know. >> elizabeth ames, what is it like to write a book with steve forbes? >> is a great learning experience and in a way it was sort of like a higher education. >> customized better. >> one of the themes we have been talking with here through the best of all about is the amoral as of capitalism. is there a moral component in your view? >> yes there is and that will be the subject of the next book coming ou
Sep 1, 2012 5:37pm PDT
this work teaches them how the brain changes with addiction, et cetera, et cetera. that may be helpful for judges sentencing to drug courts for addiction problem instead of prison for a long period of time. the primary problem is one of addiction and treatment of remediation of that and the subsequent behavioral problems and other things is probably far more cost-effective and good for that person than simply sentencing them to prison time. and so i think the neuroscience helps to educate and change our ways that we understand drugs and drug addiction. >> another question is have you ever been allowed to testify regarding i.q. in a hearing or a trial using your program? >> yes, i just did that this weekend. so i testified this morning. i do know that -- so the atkins case was actually argued by a professor at the university of new mexico and he is constantly barraged by what's the best way to assess i.q., especially when you have these different tests and different measures, et cetera. i.q. is one of the most well studied things in psychology. so taking a brain scan and fitting your br
Sep 19, 2012 12:00am PDT
images, more photos toward the top of the page, easier to flip through photos, et cetera. so we are trying to balance the 140 character constraint with the fact that people are tweeting videos and photos and how do we allow them to consume both of those things at the same time. >> rose: are you ever going to run into trouble because? how you may be in conflict with some of theeople who depend on you. >> i don't think so, no. we are going to keep doing what we have been doing and the more people around the world that was the service and participate in this global conversation around whether bit politics or literature or sports, the better. >> rose: mobile. mentioned in the introduction what is the key to unlocking mobile for advertisers? >> the key for us has certainly been that the canvas is the conversation itself. what i mean by that is, traditional marketing has been about the mega phone, here is our message and we will shout it there 2 megaphone and you listen to it. >> rose: right. >> that is changing dramatically .. as people migrate to mobile, and the ad, the marketers m
Sep 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, what should be done, et cetera, et cetera. and in a way it's kind of irresponsibility of those who spoke so much about it. and i'm not going to address none of those issues. not about airplanes, not about bombs, not about penetration, not about anything. i think that in this forum, and many other forums aside the forum behind closed doors, we have to keep our mouths shut a little bit, and to deal with the strategic points of this problem. the alliance with u.s. is the most important and strategic asset to israel, and that we have to keep in mind. and i think while saying it, that any decision, if and when it will be taken, should take into consideration this top priority thing of keeping the alliance with the u.s. strong and reliable. reliable takes me to the most interesting problem that i see, that reliability is not the strongest point between the sides right now. each one is expecting the other side, each side suspecting the other side it's not putting all the cards on the table, and doing things behind the back, et cetera, et cetera. and i think that we have to reveal the unde
Sep 11, 2012 2:30am PDT
fit, et cetera, because we are the neutral body where if you have a misunderstanding there is a larger city family. and as you can fully understand what i view and what design considerations are going into a potential t.o.d., including the open spaces. there are indeed a number of good open spaces. i'm in strong support for the right open space and right mix surrounding china town, but i do think this is the correct form for that to be decided and supported. >> commissioner hillis. >> sure. i was going to add one note on that. after reviewing the code quite a bit i think it is very unlikely any project could come forward without required to come back based on simple planning code requirements, but i think we could make that a requirement of the t.o.d., that they come back for required approval. regardless of that, it looks likely anyhow. >> if i can talk with you for a second, ms. wadi. the letter from ms. jennifer matts makes it very clear of what she sees the process. my reaction is based on her letter. she works for the mayor's office of economic and workforce development, which cle
Sep 12, 2012 4:30pm PDT
that occurred on december 31st, et cetera as reflected in counts 4 and 5. that makes it very specific that well that is just what the commission decided and this language here is more broad. the language in the document is not the same. it says sustain the charges of official misconduct, et cetera. >> i mean, it is substantively the same. what is the substantive difference in your mind? the only difference is that we added what was certainly implied in the motion that it's charges of official misconduct. rather than charges as to the conduct. i mean, look, if the majority wants to change that to the exact language of the motion, i guess i have no problem. this just seemed clear as to what you all really did. but i leave it to you . >> well, i don't believe that the board ever -- excuse me, the commission ever actually took a vote and said we're going to sustain counts 4 and 5. we find there was official misconduct as reflected in counts 4 and 5, which is not the same thing. >> well, what is in the order right now is the "as reflected" language. so you still have your argument. so i don't
Sep 8, 2012 9:30pm PDT
, suspects, m.o.'s, et cetera. secondly, the search capable. as the chief mentioned, you would think we would have already had this type of capable. not only do we have a google type search capable, most of them require you search based on a way the city is set up. you can search on hair color, but the person should have blonde hair, black hair, blonde hair or other. what if they have purple or red and black hair? this allows you to search on specific hair color, specific anything. the importance of this search capable became important before we even went live with the city. we were in beta test, and we gave it to our robbery investigations team as a test. one of the lieutenants in robbery -- i asked him to be here, and he couldn't be here. he tells it better than i do. we had a serial robbery suspect, and we only had a nickname for that person. it was you unique nickname, but all he had was a nickname. we weren't even live yet. he loaded the information, did a search on the nickname. he found a field interview that an officer had done a couple of years prior with that individual's name. he t
FOX Business
Sep 9, 2012 2:30am EDT
. who wants a land that is bankrupt et cetera. >> there is piece in california that i would like to take over. that is a good point. honduras example sounds out there on the out set. but we have to do something and at least we are throwing the idea out there for people to think about it. good oversight and solid contracts. and parking meters are paying out. >> that is a government enterprise. >> you need both government and privatization. and then it might work. you saw the contracts. >> but there is a lot of private roads that are successfully made in europe. in england many privatized roads and ends up a cost benefit for the government. they get a lump sum payment. but the dnc thinks only the government can build a road and your own country proves it is not. >> the government builds the roads. >> there you go. >> in the uk. >> i am confusedioabout your example johnathon. >> i will go on the brit. i think it is the accent. it is the way she said it. your pound earlier. it is an more privatization of roads and things that our president said he builds or whatever they build. and same time
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
" to suggest that with gas prices doubling, food prices are rising, et cetera, et cetera. a long series of complaints and mitt romney animated clearly itching to get involved in the countering of the program by the democratic national convention and emerged to come to new hampshire to do some shouting in charlotte. >>shepard: carl cameron, live from west lebanon, new hampshire. the democrats made impressive claims about the president, and had a lot of complaints about governor romney. let's do some fact checking. shannon will do that coming up. and the man who stood on stage at convention and told his fellow democrats to "grow a backbone." that and some of the other highlights from last night coming up, like, from charlotte. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. >>shepard: a democrat kicked off the convention in charlotte and they made lots of impressive claims of the president and the administr
FOX News
Sep 13, 2012 2:00am PDT
cetera, et cetera, et cetera. they are running the country in egypt there has been no apology from egypt. that one makes me a little more anxio anxious. >> we want to talk to you more about the break. we will have more reports from yemen and elsewhere. we will be in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and
Sep 30, 2012 12:30pm PDT
of factors, attendance, suspension rates, grade performance, et cetera, we should know right away who early on is in need of some support. so, you see some of our high schools who are enjoying some nice results. it's because they're paying attention to our early warning indicator system and for these sets of students, for example, who are creating mentor ships, additional targeted supports for these subgroups of students. and then the kc, the kc is an exit exam. you have to pass it to graduate. so, what are the tutoring supports we're making available to students who need that extra help? and then of course how do we make credit recovery and learning options available for students, not just during the summertime which has been great, but we've been able to maintain alive thanks to the city, and during the school year a blended learning option. there are also lessons learned from what we see double and triple the rate of acceleration for these subgroups. specifically in superintendent zone schools where we did see a rate of improvement that was much greater than the san district. there are a
Sep 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
and et cetera, et cetera. the two major changes are really that they directed that they not use the availability advisory percentage anymore for the dbe program. they believe that that gives the contracting community the impression that there's an enforceable dbe goal on contracts, so we have honored that directive and taken that out of the dbe plan, but we did note for fta we will still have enforceable goals on the small business side and we would be requiring contractors to meet those goals, or demonstrate good faith efforts to meet those goals. the second change the that since we have established our dbe program we have always reported our dbe participation based on all of our contracts. that is how we have calculated our goal for every period. that is how we have always submitted our goal. our goal has always been approved. following the review they stated they want to see the goal based just on fta funded contracts. that's really because they've got two different systems. they have a federal draw-down system and they have a reporting system. they want to be able to look an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 726 (some duplicates have been removed)